One can learn many things in 10 minutes, but cannot be an expert just spending only 10 minutes of his life on a single piece of work. Practice makes us perfect or expert, but yes, we can learn many basic things in just 10 minutes.
We want to learn more in less time. 10 minutes of your life could be that useful you may not have thought earlier.


Life is being stressful, it will be useful to learn some basic exercises or yoga. Improve your stamina and a perfect body shape.

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Self-Help Tips:

Self-help tips will make your life simpler and will not take more than 10 minutes. Stress management, anger management, time management tips once learn perfectly be with your lifetime.
You can also find some tips to stay self-motivated.

Watch Experts YouTube Videos:

When I have ideal time, I tend to watch experts’ YouTube videos. Those minutes grab some space in my mind and provide me some life ending experience or things. This may also work for you!
Sometimes, I learn some delicious recipes and sometimes watch fashion trends. I also love to play riddles.
This is what I learned in my spare 10 minutes;

Plan and refine a daily schedule:

Do you have a schedule? Not, invest your 10 minutes in planning your whole day. Well, this is not one time work, you need to do this every morning. But the planning is very useful.


No question of gender equality here, we all should learn self-defense. Who knows when a thief points a knife towards you or take away your bag?
Spend  daily 10 minutes to be an expert.

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Learn Love Language:

Gray Chapman, a relationship counselor perfectly describes 5 love languages to express love to your mate. These are simple you can learn those easily.
Lovebirds gonna love this.


Instant pain relief, one can learn acupuncture in just 10 minutes.


This may not be useful for everyone, but people who are seeking higher consciousness may invest daily 10 minutes in meditating.
click here to get started.


Your next 10 minutes will become most useful if you consider learning some LifeProTips.

  • Learn How to Tie a Simple Knot: For whom who don’t know to tie a knot. Use these simple method. Cross the both ends of the tie. Take the wide end over the narrow and fold it underneath it. Now, take the wide end up and back through the loop, fold it horizontally. Now repeat the first step and pull the wide end through the knot.

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  • Fold your Sleeves Properly: Flip the whole unbuttoned cuff back and turn it inside out, drag the cuff past your elbow. Lock it in your elbow pit. Done!

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Pro Technology:

  • Undo a Sent Email on Gmail: Go to settings and open labs tab, just hit the undo send button and save changes. Now, when you will send an email, a yellow box named undo will pop up for few second.
  • Game on Google Chrome: No internet access play the dinosaur game on google chrome. Dinosaur we see in absence of internet is actually a hidden game. Simply click the UP arrow key on your system. The dinosaur will start moving, you ready to play.

Psychological life hack:

Learn how you sit, stand, move or act in an interview. How to express gestures. 10 minutes are enough to make you aware of your body language.
Here is some psychological life hack that will make your life easier.
This is what one can learn in spare 10 minutes, do I miss something? Please share in the comment box.