Does your kid ignore your voice or callings while using mobile? Keep using smartphone even sitting in the group? Social friends become more important than friend standing behind him? Get irritated or behave aggressively when the phone is out of his or her hands?

Warning! Your child is being addicted to smartphones.

A healthy use of smartphones is necessary for kids. Most of the parent complaints about their kid playing excess games in smartphones and watching too much TV. Lack of interest in studies due to far engagement in mobile phones are also prompt issues in children.

Children are obsessed with screens. At this stage, you can’t take mobile phones from his or her hands and even cannot scold every time.

The results are horrifying. It changes child’s brain for the worse. Potential affects their attention, especially in under-five kinds, motor control, eyesight and learning difficulties.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”caSsi” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]You need some easy tricks and ideas to divert the engagement of your children from phones and indulge him in the creative field.[/ctt]

Without being harsh on kids, you can find the alternate for excess use of smartphones.

Smart parenting!!

Firstly, you have to be a disciplined parent. Remember, if you are using mobile more than required, playing games or using social media limitless, well, you cannot scold your child or tell him to switch off the same.

Declare one day as phone holiday:

A complete ban on using of mobiles is not only a harsh step for kids but also seems next to impossible in this tech growing world. To control the excess use, it is good to declare a day as “smartphone holiday” in a week.

Set time limit for using phone in one sitting:

Turn off smartphone before going to bed. Avoid use of phones while eating. Also, recharge with the limited internet packs. Show the teens that you are monitoring their phone activities.

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One hour theory:

Spend one hour on phone and then do other activities. Make a schedule of using smartphones and stick to it. Try to make a balance. Keep all devices usages in public area of the home.

Shift interest to outdoor games:

Involve your kids in outdoor games. Let your kid go outside without phones. The idea keeps mental as well as physical health fit. Spend time with them. A kid goes online when he fail to find things offline. Try to understand his mindset.

kids focused on screens, excess use of phones

Teach dealings:

Make deals with your kid in exchange for phones or games. Give phones only after doing homework or any other work assigned to them. Keep mobile phones turned off during exams.

Find out alternatives:

Fill the mind with the curiosity and creativity. Children are completely dependent on phones for every activity, find alternatives to complete their work. Be constructive and try new things. Have healthy conversations. Play with your kid.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”2Wihp” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]A kid goes online when he fail to find things offline.[/ctt]

Build the understanding of negative aspects of using smartphones:

Be friendly with your kid and tell the pros and cons of using excess smartphones. Be logical enough to build the sound understanding of your point. Don’t scold, don’t be aggressive. Blow in your child while using smartphones frequently.

Disable few apps:

Uninstall or disable few apps like YouTube, Facebook and few games to control the interest. Set few rules for your home and let the discipline stop the excess phone usages. Get involved in the online world of children.

Parental control:

Use apps that give each activity of the phone. You certainly will not be comfortable viewing your child pornography. You must decide what your kid will watch on screens. Use timer and monitoring software.

Be a good example for your kids. Don’t overlook at the phone every time.