Stress makes us sick, it increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This way, we have turned the stress our enemy. We have a belief that stress is bad for us. Stress makes our heart pound, breathing faster, and forehead sweat.

We interpret these physical changes as anxiety and some kind of tension that we are coping with pressure or unlikely situations.

Stress is only said to be bad when you believe that it is bad and harming your body. Basically, how do you think about stress only matter? If you change our mindset about stress, your body will respond accordingly and of course, positively.

When you face such situations, think that your pounding heart is preparing you for action, your faster breaths are getting more oxygen to your brain, sweating palm tempting you to stay alert and encouraging you to act, again, think that your body is being energized and preparing you to meet the challenge.

Tell yourself that stress is very helpful to me. This does not mean that you should invite stress in your life.

This way, you can save yourself making it an enemy. And in spite adverse effects of the stress, you will be blessed.

This will also change our physical respond towards stress when our heart rate goes up, our blood vessel constricts, but when we repeat such words in our subconscious mind, our blood vessels relaxed, even in the highly stressed state.

So, don’t learn to rid off stress but how to be better at stress.

Our mindset defines us, creates our perception towards life. A slight change in such perception can make our life smoother. We can achieve high in life even living with the stress.

So, next time, when you find yourself in stress, say – my body is preparing me to face challenges, to be better in life. Just manage your stress in an affirmative way and mark the results. It works seriously!