When we broke up, I was divested. I lost not just the person I was completely in love with, but the person who was my best friend. But you know, what I gain, I found me.

I met the person who lived inside me. I used to think you completed me. But now, even without you, I feel complete. I am no more dependent on you. I learned how to define happiness on my own terms.

We were once in love you managed to teach me a lot about love and hurt. You gave me hope that I can be loved, I can be the love of someone’s life. Thanks for all those beautiful moments, because I know it was real, the love song, the smile, the blue sky was real, maybe not yours, but mine was real. Now, it seems heartless. I loved you without restriction and without caution.

Girl, you need to correct your financial definition of rich. I may have empty pockets I always have a filled, altruistic heart. I know money is necessary, but it is not the only thing that we need at all.

But I promised, you I will give you a good life. Where you will be treated as queen crowned with my love.

Yes, you deceived me, betrayed me, and left me to die when I much demanded your hand to hold tight in the storm of life. But do you know, this says nothing about me but a lot about you.

You are the one who loved me the most, and you are the same who make me realized I am nothing, you gave me excruciating pain that I cannot forget.

You were not a mistake, you were a lesson. A chapter that I well learned, but I really crawled hard to reach the end.

I won’t hold that wrenching pain because I know I deserve better than you, someone, who sees me for me and wouldn’t ever leave me to search for more.

And I promise, I won’t be the same, I will change for better. Because I know I have many beautiful relationships, I won’t ruin those for sake of you.

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I know I am all lonely, I need your lap to cry out loud, I want your warmth to calm me down, your voice that was once nothing sort of symphony, that now sounds nasty.

For the sake of our beautiful memories, I forgive you I excuse you from all the scars that you leave untreated. I won’t curse you for broken promises and teary eyes. I gave you my life, so, let you touch my soul.

I want to give you one advice, you did it with me but never do it with the person with whom you are right now, because I know it hurts to the last breath.