The decision of having a child is the decision to let a part of your body separate from you. It changes your perspective and your priorities in life.

Having a child is god’s way of giving us the chance to mould clay in beautiful ways. Parents have a very crucial role to play in shaping the future of the child by teaching him to know what’s best for him.

It is our basic responsibility to ensure that the next generation is one step ahead of us. If we spoon-feed our child to follow the dreams we have for them, it might not be the best for them. You have to let your child take the decision.

You can’t be the writer of your child’s future, but you can be the guide.

A parent must appreciate the little achievements of a child. Having extremely high expectations from your child and ignoring his little moments of success in school will break his heart. Your definition of a happy life might be different from his.

A parent must never pressurize the child to be perfect. Let him fall and rise, let him break and build, and let him fail and succeed. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to stand by his side and support him. You must believe in them, only then will they believe in themselves.

The atmosphere around him should be full of love, care, and affection. This will help his intelligence to flower naturally.

Your child also wants to make you proud and make you feel lifted, but he needs your guidance rather than your command or expectations. You must recognize the aspirations of your child and guide him into the ways to achieve it without actually forcing him.

Some parents may put their children through too much pressure towards following their dreams. Some others believe that they have over-pampered their children and made them weak and vulnerable for the outside world.

There is no standard rule. Different kids need different amounts of love and toughness; a parent must recognize the needs of their children and try to avoid overdoing it.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”KBR9c” via=”no” ]Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times.[/ctt]

Parents mustn’t selfishly force their own dreams down the throats of their children. The decision to choose and follow their passion must be in their hands. Taking decisions about their lives without realizing their passion will lead to cumulative breakdowns and emotional stress. Being forced to do something that one doesn’t really want to can have an effect on the mental balance and health of the child.

Your children will be successful not by what you do for them, but by what you teach them to do for themselves. Give your child the roots to remember and the wings to fly. Parenting must be done in a way that the child truly never needs the parent to fulfil his dreams.

If you try to control everything, you will enjoy nothing.

Parenting isn’t a practice, it’s a daily learning experience. Parenting is like circumnavigating the world without a map, but it will be a great journey. Believe in your child and nurture him with love so that he can achieve all that he wants. You can’t prepare the future for your child, but you can help prepare your child for the future.

Relish the times you have with your children without worrying or stressing about the script of their lives. Give them the values to take their own decisions. Love your children a little more before they are not little anymore.