When you first hold your newborn, his future and responsibility flash through your mind. The child grows up, you direct his dreams for a while. Your amiable is now a teen, and no longer following your roadmap. He has his own direction, own future and particular thoughts that may not relate to you.

When kids mature, they begin searching their own purpose of life to make their life worth living. That is where the parents play a central role. Parents are the beacon light that helps their children move ahead on the right path.

Parents should talk about the importance of knowing the purpose of life with their children and motivate them to keep searching for that reason.

Without purpose life becomes pointless, founded upon whatever the culture offers up “must have” material thing and “must do” activity.

You should make your child believe that his life has a plan and uniqueness to add value. It will help him easily endure the experiences and follow his heart. He should have a sense of meaning, he should know where he is heading. And when he finds his uniqueness, he uncovers his talents, strength, and an undefined passion that drives him to be his true self.

Early childhood is the time when a child has the maximum chance to explore a variety of skills. Parents should keep a look out and analyze the performance of their children in various fields.

It is not until a later stage in life, that one realizes the importance of understanding the purpose of one’s life. Usually, it gets too late for someone to make a valuable change in one’s life.

Parents have had experience of the outer world and also know the interests of their child better than anyone else. Combining these two qualities makes them the perfect person for the role of mentoring their child.

They will thus have a better idea about the skill sets and aptitude of their child, which will help them guide their children on the right track. Find ways for them to live life with intent.

When an outsider says him that he is meant to be an artist, your child is less likely to agree with him, but when you tell him, it will have a deeper impact. Because he believes you. It is for this reason that the role of parents becomes more important.

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Further, having such deep and insightful talks with parents strengthens a child’s belief in his parents. He starts to look up on them for advice and this solidifies the child-parent bond and helps nurture a healthy and fruitful relationship.

You care a lot for about your child. That’s why you should talk to him about his life defining question- ‘What is the purpose of my life?’ This is the most unanswered important, and empowered question you can ever ask your teen.