Can I buy that?

Haven’t we all dreamed of a big bungalow, a lavish car, and a prodigious lifestyle?  While we tend to fixate on the belief that money can solve all our problems, we must understand that though money can be used as a tool to achieve our desired way of living, it can never buy those larger spheres of happiness, love, and respect which define life. You understand that money is not the solution to every problem.

The impossibility of the task:

Never let the fear of criticism or the fear of being disliked stop you from achieving your goals. It’s impossible to please everyone. You should realize that, not only is the act of making everyone happy cumbersome, it’s idiotic.

An asset more valuable than money:

Remember what your junior school teacher used to tell you? “Health is wealth”. Never was a more truthful statement said in the history of mankind. Eat healthy food. Exercise daily. If need be, hit the gym. I don’t want you to develop abs, but staying fit isn’t too much to ask. Would you rather spend your old age complaining joints and tired limbs?

There’s much more to success:

Success isn’t about how much you earn each year or how many people turn up to your party. It is a more holistic thing. It is a feeling. When you think that you have enough to keep your family happy; enough time to spend with your friends and enough peace to enjoy a sound sleep- you are successful.

It’s not a crime:

Remember, saying ‘no’ to things which you don’t feel like doing is not a sign of cowardice, nor is it a crime. It means that you are well aware of your capabilities and your weaknesses. Though, doing things outside your comfort zone from time to time is a habit you should try to develop. There’s nothing wrong in saying ‘yes’ to ‘no’ in order to devote more time for things you love.

The map is not always correct:

When you travel down a road, you expect it to lead to your destination or your goal. The roads in life are not that simple and neither that smooth. Many times, even when you give your all, things don’t work out the way they were expected to. Never lose hope in these situations. Learn to embrace it as a part of life.

Do not expect to live to see the dawn:

As harsh as it may sound, this is the truth. You never know what might happen the next moment. Life is full of uncertainty. Live each day to the fullest. Live in the present. As motivational speakers might say-“Live, as if, you are about to die.” Never try to live a life wondering “what if” or saying “I wish.” If it feels right-do it; and do it now!

It has a reason:

Believe or not, whatever comes in our life uphold a purpose an underlying reason, we may or not realize this, but it always exists there. There is nothing like wrong investment in life. If you made mistakes, you will learn something, if not, you will achieve something.

Find yourself and be yourself:

If I could pinpoint the most important point, it would be this. You are born for a reason; a purpose to dedicate your soul to. Realize that dream and live to achieve it. Let your passion ignite you. Hustle to find that purpose, and if you have found it, to achieve it. In the process of actualizing your dream, don’t lose your identity. Live to be the best version of yourself.

Live long. Live Strong!