I heard many of parents saying “My daughter is Perfect” and “My son is Brave”. Did you know your this act of love depleting your daughter’s self-esteem?

Think for a while:         

Why do we want our girls to be perfect and our sons to be brave?

Why do we always taught our daughters to be perfect in every sphere of life?

As parents, you should make your child grow fast and fly high. The respective formula every parent apply on their sons, but for their daughters, they leave them at safest place, where no outsider thing can touch them.


Girls have “bravery deficit”. We learn them to be safe to play safe and let not come out of them their comfort zone. On the other hand, all boys are taught to play rough and swing high.

The consequence; girls lose the power to take the risk, to play high, to jump from the barriers. And towards to other boys are habituated to take risk after risk. They rewarded for it.

We are losing out everywhere because we have taught our girls to not to try hard. The very end reason is why women are underrepresented or underestimated at most of the places. They afraid to speak themselves freely, they afraid to be wrong, and even, they afraid to be imperfect.

Many girls say “I want to ask something, but don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t understand the things. I am afraid to be imperfect and stupid.”

Instead, we teach girls to be brave to take the risk we cannot eliminate the painful fear of failure. Right command at right place brings right things at the right time.

The imperfection drives us, make us take an incredible tour of the unexplored path. It requires bravery, risk taking capacity and the great perseverance. Click To Tweet

Despite many success stories of women, the bitter truth is that they still not translated themselves power at the top. They are working for the major corporation, but only a few are leading them.

When we teach girls to be courageous, we mold them to live fantastically in this beautiful world. They will build incredible things.