The vibrant personality of America has left behind many life lessons for all us to be a better being. Power, position, and humbleness are rarely seen together and Mr. Obama is a perfect example of this togetherness.

He showed, how we can be gracious even in the face of defeat. How we can win over our greatest enemy, not only politically but even in the life course.

Goodness influence the power:

See yourself as the person, not as the position. Success should never influence the goodness in your heart. You will lose respect if you will see yourself superior to others.

He endured so much hate during the course of his presidency, but he never missed a beat and always displayed love and kindness to others. He draws hopes from his grassroots.

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Let path choose you:

At some point, if you don’t know what option is best for you, just walk one by one step instead of seeing destination. Let your dreams choose you. It doesn’t mean that one should not be ambitious. It only means to allow your skills and talent to find your future.

Don’t go under pressure while choosing a career. Patience plays a great role amid this, be patient and go for the rightful things.

Polish your thoughts in such a way that your brain starts innovating the ideas to turn endings into a brand new beginning. This is what makes difference in ‘common’ and ‘successful’.

See the aspects that are beyond the thoughts of average people. This is the philosophy Mr. Obama followed in his life.

Avid reader:

The most common thing in almost all successful people is ‘being a good reader and fond of books. If you pick the bio of great legends life Mr. Abdul Kalam, Steve Jobs, you will find this common hobby among all. He believes books teach us more than the society. Our surrounding may influence, but books allow us to think.

It is important to be a good listener and reader because they teach you everything that you want to explore and implement that world has not seen yet.

Be cool:

Stress is the part of life. One must find easy yet mood-refreshing ways that reduce the stress. A fresh and cool mind thinks well than a furious and aggressive one! So, whenever you feel stressed more than required, just pick favorite music list to play or watch movies, play games or do whatever that engages your mind and refreshes your mood.

In his 10 years tenure of the presidency, media has rarely captured him tensed.

Consider ‘we’ instead of ‘I’:

Words are the complete reflexion of your thoughts. If you have heard the speech of Obama, you must have noticed that he always use ‘we’ rather ‘I’. We always spread a feeling of togetherness. Whereas ‘I’ spread a sense of arrogance and selfishness.

Communication is an art that Mr. Obama teaches us very well. Obama has style to express harsh truths and core emotions. He never afraid to express his feelings.

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Respect your family:

Family is not something that comes together only in the crisis. It should be a part of daily living. The love story of Barack and Michel Obama inspire the love after marriage. The couple never forgets to praise each other in interviews and events.

He also successfully becomes the hero of their daughters.