If you think schooling is enough for your child, then, rethink! The job of schools is to award your child academic qualifications, enhance his academic skills, and develop its intelligence, but the success of an individual depends on a much wider array of skills that he learns at home.

The study is now not limited to schools. For complete growth of your child, you have to be an active parent and participate in his every activity. Parents can shape their child in any way they want, think how you want to see your child in near future and act accordingly.

More than this, to ensure that children are getting the full benefit of the possible potentials, it becomes necessary for parents to supplement the education offered in the schools.

Spends More Time at The House:

A child spends around 6 hours a day in school and rest is spent at home. The role of parents increases double than the teachers. Unless and until parents make sure that their children are utilizing school hours or outside hours in productive ways.

Teach Human Qualities:

Make the balance between moral and academic education. Humanity qualities like love, compassion, forgiveness, and affection are the basic learning points of the development of any personality that one can learn from the first day of the birth by getting friendly atmosphere at home.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”1Klcp” via=”yes” ]Maintain healthy environment at home, it is the first thing that affects your child\’s mental attitude.[/ctt]

Theoretical Education:

In the schools, children learn basic attics, the conceptual base of future study, and everything that they learn from the books. Amid all these burdens, a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation of the same is necessary.

Although schools are now focusing on practical education, more practical education can be earned at home. Practical training of every basic activity ensures life-long expertise. Your child will never forget what you taught him.

Learning Focused Initiatives:

Parents are not only the very first teacher of their children but also the most influential person in their life. On child’s learning, a parent can have the powerful positive effects to utilizing potential productive hours at the best. Teach your child to maintain learning attitude.

In brief, it is worth to say that children need a well-balanced program to fulfill their physical, mental, and emotional requirements, and school alone is not enough to maintain the sound level of child development.