One may argue that thinking about stuff in advance is a good quality, but over analyzing and over-thinking about things over which we have no control is bad.

Your brain is not your enemy, so you don’t need to stop it eventually; you cannot either. You just need to create a distance between your mind and your body. These tricks will help you attain that state:


You should know that your brain is producing too many thoughts and out of these, most are the waste and have no use at all. Even if you are not thinking negative, creating a thought of yesterday and planning too much about your bright future, will plague your mind with too many unwanted thoughts.

This depletes your brain power, let you not be in present moment, makes a constant circle of unnecessary emotions, decreases work efficiency, and so on. The list is endless.



When you find, your mind radio constantly plays different music, press the pause button.

Try it just for one day. Any time you find yourself drowning in an endless stream of consciousness: stop. Take a step back. Focus on breathing and simply indulge in your work. Let the oxygen flow and let your over-analysis go.

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Watch your thoughts:

You can either indulge into your thought or give them a way to pass by. You’re sitting in a field, looking up at the sky. Thoughts are the clouds passing by. Just watch them. Allow them to leave your brain; don’t hold. They appear in your head out of nothing. They come and they go, just watch them.

Don’t label it with emotions:

Thoughts are like the sky – open and free. When you mix them with emotions, they become bitter or better. Don’t label those as wanted or unwanted, good or bad. You will try to grasp the wanted and avoid the unwanted. Thus you create the schism, by opposing one part of your mind with another.

Just keep them free-flowing, don’t interfere with your brain-world. Witness and let go!!

Keep busy:

An empty mind is a devils workshop. We all know this, right? Keep yourself busy to reduce the time you spend over-thinking. If you find yourself thinking incessantly about something unimportant and have no other task at hand, try listening to music or reading a book.

Change your perspective:

We want to alter our thinking because it creates a poisonous state of mind. We feel incapacitated with fear when we think about the outcome of a minor error in the long run. Over-thinkers magnify the simple act of getting late to the office to a scale where they start believing that coming late to office leads to becoming jobless.

Ask yourself a simple question – What is the worst thing that could possibly happen? Prepare yourself mentally for this. Almost every time, you’ll find that your fears and the actual scenario don’t even correlate.