We think, our child is too small to learn moral values. But the fact is opposite. Science draws the conclusion that early academic learning structured around directive teaching not only inhibits creativity but stunts a child’s natural curiosity to discover how the world works.

Schooling is not enough, to see your children rising as a good human being, you must teach them certain principles of life. With small playful tactics and good examples cultivate moral values in them.

If you want to grow your children respectful, honest, and compassionate, use practical examples to teach lessons, otherwise, they will forget quickly.

We think of growing our children technically, and sometimes forget to inculcate moral values in them. Outer techniques are important but not enough to perfectly survive in this world, your children must possess some ethics of life.

If you are telling lie, you surely cannot expect your children to speak the truth. First be honest, determined, and disciplined and then, teach them to follow you.


The newborn babies are like blank papers, they write exactly what they see around them. So, be an idol always to teach them. Be disciplined and natural enough to transfer the basic and real values to your children.

But remember, over discipline sometimes may lead to melancholy behavior.

Love and Respect:

How parents treat others, the same manner they follow. If you are respecting your elders, using gratitude in your daily language, your children will be taught to behave the same.

Children need love and nurturing to develop a sense of security and trust that later turn into confidence.

Teach him to respect others’ opinions, property, and their own perspective.

Being Honest:

All knows “honesty is the best policy” and everyone chant this line hundred times, but most of the parents contradict the same with their actions.

There should be harmony in words and action to transmit the values to your children. First be honest to make your child honest.


Saving, Importance of Money:                

From childhood, teach the children to save money. Show them the importance of a single penny and how they can use it in the best way.

Consideration and Responsibility:

Teach them to think about others. Tell them the values of words and action and how it affects people around us.

Set a good example of your own behavior with others and how you make others feel smile. The understanding of own responsibility as an individual starts from the very early of life.

This learning is very useful to get success at every pace of life and understand others too.


If you are upbringing a baby boy, don’t make him too tough. Never use phrases like – “stop behaving like a girl”, “boys do not cry”, “be a man”.

Or if you are growing up baby girl, need not be too soft. Do not use words like – “be girlish”, “girls do not do this”, “this is not your cup of coffee, and let boys do this”.

In spite, show them equal perspective. Never put any barrier in your children’s’ growth, let them do the way they want and let their basic nature flow.

The Value of Relationships:

Give and take formula always exists in all relations. If you will shout loudly on your children, they will grasp it and behave accordingly.

Children learn from parents. If at home, you do not value your relationships, your children will also learn negligence in relations.

General Perspective:

It’s not good to be judgmental all the time. Teach your children all sides of the coin. Teach them, nothing is wrong and nothing is right. This is our perspective that defines us.

Teach them not be judgmental or opinionist.


Don’t teach children confidence, rather develop confidence in them. Research says early years of children are very important to develop their brain muscles. Don’t underestimate your children.