I have always experienced happiness to be an inside job. You can never rely on another person to make you feel happy in any possible way. I don’t think that it’s relevant even.

You should always hold the key to your happiness in your own hands because you can never trust others to do it for you. People cannot even make themselves happy, how will they take care of yours? Makes sense?

Happiness doesn’t come within one day or two, it’s a continuous process. But above all, you should have a desire to be happy.

So let’s move on to some major things that you need to give up on to keep yourself happy!

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Need for control:

You want to control things, people, and situations. Whether they are co-workers, strangers on the road or your own kids- just allow them to be. People have their own flows, and you can’t control it.

Give up your need to control because the only thing you can control is your own reaction.

By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try. The world is beyond winning.” Lao Tzu

Taking comparisons seriously:

Since birth, I have been seeing society considering comparison as a habit or a motivation tool. I think that is really foolish.

Always remember, what you are, nobody else can be. Whatever someone else is, you cannot be the same. Every human on this earth is beautiful and electrified in their own ways. The comparison is a harmful drug that doesn’t take a second thought to destroy your self-esteem.

Your beauty is all yours, there is no ladder for saying you’re above or below anyone. Simply discard that theory and be happy.

Your Fears:

Fear is an illusion – you created it. You heard late-night stories of ghosts, you fear it. You heard, life is hard, surviving is a challenge, you fear to live a happy life.

Correct your inside fear. Say to yourself, “it’s easy, there is nothing to fear”, outside everything will fall into place.

Complaining and blaming:

It’s easy to blame others than to take self-responsibility. You blame people for your actions, reaction, mood, and situations. You give your power to others.

Remember, nothing can make you unhappy, miserable and depressed, unless you allow it to. Everything, every people, every situation come to us for a reason and leave us with an experience. Complains and blames won’t make your situation better. Rather it will certainly pull you down.


Expectations are the biggest rocks in the way to our happiness because there can never be any time that you expected and you didn’t get hurt. You always did. Take a minute and contemplate on your past bad experiences, there would always be some expectations hidden behind. Never expect anything from anyone; it is also a kind of a wish, an untold one.

Take complete responsibility for yourself on your own shoulders. There is nothing anyone can do for us more than ourselves. The way you can treat and love you, nobody can.

It’s possible, only require practicing.

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Need to impress others:

You live your life from others perspective. You think, if you have to survive in society or live in a company, you need to please others. But the moment you stop trying to be so hard on yourself, you take off all your masks, you be the real you, a little batter a little bitter.

You need to give up your past, your mistakes, your excuses, your labels, your belief. You need to open your up for everything that comes on your way, every opportunity that knocks your doors.