Having a girl child is a parent delight. The upbringing of a baby boy and a baby girl is quite different. It’s fun to dress them up like a doll, talking to them in sweet childish voice. They also tend to mature little earlier than boys.

Being a well-being parent, you do everything that awards your daughter a better and shiny future, but there are still some things left that you should never tell your daughter.

We love our daughters, but sometimes circumstantially, we tell them or coincidentally teach them such things, which in future may prove wrong for them. Things that undermine your daughter’s confidence.

Don’t teach her all do’s and don’ts of a girl:

“You are a girl, don’t do this”, “behave like a girl”, “don’t be a Tom boy”, some of these lines a girl often listen from her parents. Don’t force her to wear girlish clothes, let her find her comfort zone and nature of her true identity.

You can definitely suggest something, but do not be negative about her final choice. Do not remind her every time that you are a girl, and you are supposed to behave like in a particular manner, it will deplete her self-esteem.

Instead, tell her the beauty of her gender.

Your daughter doesn’t need your protection, instead, you should teach her how to protect herself. Click To Tweet

That’s a job of a boy:

This social illness and sexual discrimination have its root far and deep, unfortunately, it is detected in parents too. This is a job of a man and this is a job for a woman – the line between them should not be crossed.

This sexism is not yet surpassed. As your daughter moves from adolescence to young age, this biggest gender misconception put a barrier in her professional life too.

Teach your daughter not to stumble upon them. Uplift her self-esteem.

You belong to only this world:

Do not keep your girl limited to sink, washing machine, and kitchen. Introduce your daughter to power tools, sports, and stick driving.

The more she learns both the world, the more she equipped for the independence. You are preparing her to deal with the problems outside of the nest.

Don’t force on her gender identity:

Gender differences are beautiful and exciting revelations. Don’t impose her the gender differences that she expected to accept.

Paint her room in color pink, but forcing her to fit into your image of a perfect lady is exhausting. Parents prone to follow the gender codes and beliefs that society has created.

Give her enough space to spread wings and find her self-identity. Support her to be nothing more than herself.

This place is not safe for you:

Protection is one thing that all parents try to give their daughter. This is their responsibility too. But a parent needs to understand that your daughter doesn’t need your protection, instead of this, teach her how to protect herself. Make her strong, confident, and determined to take up the challenge whatever life throws.

Love, care, and your sweet scold are enough to flourish your daughter in this beautiful world and make her feel special. Teach values instead of putting bars on her