Do you guys remember ‘Sharmaji ka ladka’( Mr.Sharma’s son) from your childhood?

I bet you do. Who could forget that wicked little person with whom we were always compared to? You get a 99% and as luck would favor, Sharmaji’s son scored a perfect 100%. Flush! Down goes all the joys of your efforts.

Parents want their children to be perfect, to become better than the rest. It seems as if in this world of growing competition, parents have decided to go all guns blazing. When parents become so focused on kids’ achievements, their relationship suffers.

To encourage the child to be organized and disciplined, little pressure is required, but your adolescent may become anxious or stressed out under too much force. If you are doing this, you are missing tiny smile of joy on your kid’s face.

When parents’ success is driven by status, appearance, and performance, child forgets the values closest to their heart. Parents ideally, should unload the burden of stress than contributing significantly in increasing it.


Wanting your child to be good and forcing him to be the best are two completely different things.

But sometimes, your kids want you to love them for who they are not because of what they can be. We have been so affluent in appreciating achievements that we only filter their qualities through these mirrors.

Perfection is a myth. No one can be perfect. When parents force their child to be perfect, all they do is, to become the perfect examples of imperfect parents. Instead of raising a perfect kid try to be a perfect parent.

Our children are not obliged to fulfil our expectations. We should only act as mentors and not path-deciders.

When you impose this superfluous task of perfection on children, you unintentionally take away their childhood. Instead of acknowledging the skills your children have, you want them to develop and work on more and more skills. You want to convert the average Joe into the awesome Albert.

Parents have a pivotal role in the growth and development of the child. The mental abuse makes them sick and tired of these ceaseless and uninteresting efforts. Their self-worth damages, they only become a machine to fulfilling the expectation of others.

Children are supposed to make mistakes-mistakes that teach those lessons and shape them in a better and stronger being. Life lessons like these can never be taught in a classroom environment.

Parents look at their children as imperfect idiots. All that they are able to do is make their children academically or intellectually strong, but without the proper love and care, they lag behind in their emotional quotients.

Look for the good and praise them, don’t go over the negative aspects, stop highlighting their wrongs.

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Your child has the entire world to see and an entire life to perfect the skills. Imperfection is not a flaw, rather it’s the quality that makes someone unique. Why do you want perfection for your child? Don’t you think, that your child is perfect the way he is?

You need to ask yourself, what you want for your kids, do you want them to be happy, successful, follow their passion or to fulfill your expectations? Because sometimes, even after so much efforts or best intentions, we cannot cultivate what we want.