Some people are born creative. The authors, artists, inventors, and reformists that you admire are all superlative embodiments of creativity. If you wish to become like them: a fountain of fresh ideas. Here are some ways that could help you to train your brain to be more creative.

But remember, when you’ll try to pull yourself out of the box, people will question you, they will push you inside the box, they will judge you, they will try to suppress you, and won’t accept your idea. But you should know, you have the power to create a history to write your own victory.

Embrace your emotion:

Feel the emotion you are experiencing. Let it flow inside your cells. If you are happy, embrace it if you are going through a hard time, write your experience. Unless you feel anything, you cannot create anything. Creativity does not merely come from the mind; heart shares an equal credit.

I find writers, poets, and singers who are in pain, tend to be more creative because they know how to dwell into the world of thoughts. But the major problem is that they only surround themselves with the pain. They only create pain.

Practice the art of questioning:

An unsatisfied brain produces incredible things. Challenge every belief, every behaviour, every rule or every practice. Curiosity is a learning experience; it opens up your mind for new things, broadens your brain power, and boosts your creativity.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”eJcd8″ via=”yes” ]If you are happy, embrace it if you are going through a hard time, write your experience. Unless you feel anything, you cannot create anything.[/ctt]

Don’t simply settle for the status quo, prefer to look at the new things you encounter. Your brain starts visualizing things differently- seeing castles in huts, armours in clothes and beasts in dogs. Seeing or reading a piece of art inspires you to make something creative and novel.

Make mistakes:

Sounds strange, right? You try new things, make mistakes, and experience life and people. Thus, you expand your life or brain. The more you experience the more chances you have to create something new.

Persevere while keep experimenting with ideas. See your failure as an opportunity for perfecting your innovation.

Experience the world around you:

Don’t limit your thinking or perception. Step out of your comfort zone. If you want to think out of the box, step out of that box. Try new things to stimulate your mind and senses.

Observe the world – see the people how they move, smile, sense, and make curves of different shapes. Don’t bind yourself to rules.

That’s my spot:

Just as your brain associates a bed with sleep and your work table with work, so does a creative space gets associated with creativity.

The place where you feel most inspired and most willing to work, automatically fills you up with positivity and zest. When you start thinking in such a place, you feel more inspired and more creative.


Several experiments have shown that certain tones and notes help you concentrate better and make you more attentive. When your brain is active and high, you come up with ideas more easily and more frequently.

Many would prefer to listen to Mozart, but if you are more into rock or pop songs, try listening to them as well.

Creativity is a skill that could be developed with practice. Keep thinking and never start analyzing and criticizing yourself while in the process of creative thinking. Good luck. It’s time for your ‘Aha’ or ‘Eureka’ moment.