If you still want to empower us, please stop interfering in our personal abode. Just let us be the way we are, give us space. We know how to fly. We have our own wings. We don’t need your parachute to land on our dreams.

We don’t need your support to make us feel comfortable. Yet, you are concerned for us, give us a favor, remind us that we are already empowered. Stand by us. Like we used to stand by you, without any question and pity. It’s setting the power free.

I know you want to make us feel like princess, put us up on a pedestal. You want to carry us so we can’t walk. Hold us so we cant be free. You want to draw lines for us in the name of protection. And then you echo that you care us, love us.

But no, this is not the equality.

We are not defined by what we were. The tons of makeup that we pour on our skin, we do it for us, not for you. If looing in a certain way make us feel good, why you bother to comment on it. The freedom that we give to ourselves does not determine our character. We have our own choices and preferences of living our life like you have.

If someone needs to be taught a good lesson that is you, who judge us. If we are friendly, you call us ‘easy’. If we behave slightly differently, you call us ‘arrogant’.

Once you call us Laxmi (the goddess of Wealth) and buy us with the dowry, you call us Saraswati (The goddess of wisdom) too and question our wisdom to ruin our innocence. You often worship us as Durga (the goddess of strength) and yet you want to empower us, strengthen us. Really??

I think you are confused.

If something that needs to be empowered is your mentality and narrow-minding thinking for a woman. Your brain still in developing mode who determine physical power superior.

I know your strong biceps can crack a brick then why don’t you use your strength to break the wall that somehow you have built between us (man and woman). When we are meant to be together and why you walk before us. You are not a guide and we are not tourist.

The word ‘women empowerment’ will never have been emerged. For centuries, they have been suppressed, tortured, tormented and biased. For years they have deprived of fundamental rights of living.

Rather than empowerment stop discrimination.

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Let’s stop talking about empowerment so much and just start being empowered.