Dear User,

I am writing this letter to let you know my current state of mind. As you sleep next to me, slowly and quietly sleeping like a baby, I realize how exhausted you are. Seeing you rest and at peace, I feel as if it is something that I need as well.

You, like all other denizens of the 21st Century, do not process under the constraints of the solar time. Neither do you wake up with the rise of the Sun, nor do you sleep when the stars start twinkling in the pitch black backdrop of the night. You wake up with the buzzing sounds of ‘Good Morning’ texts and sleep, not when you are tired, but when my battery drains out.

I know it’s lovely to be the object of someone’s complete and unhindered attention, but it gets exhausting at times.

Those who have the constant company of someone whom they can trust and share all of their secrets are truly blessed. So am I, but sometimes, just sometimes, I too wish to take some ‘me-time’.

I have seen that what started with an intention of helping you advance in this world of technology, is actually having adverse effects on you.

You spend most of your time staring at me, earphones plugged in and laughing at something or the other as you scroll through various apps one after the other-aimlessly and recurringly.

I need a break.

I can’t take it anymore the endless scrolling is killing me. I can’t process any more information. You consume so much information that your mind hardly can digest, it blocked processing from overload of information, most which are no use of your own.

You start your day with emails, jump to Facebook. Here comes the 3rd number of Twitter and go back to Facebook. And then another jump to LinkedIn. How can I forget to mention most used feature in me, WhatsApp. I know, I know, you will say, “it’s hard to live without WhatsApp and Facebook, how can you suppose me to live without oxygen supplying energies.”

But you know what, I am tired of showing you endless photos on Facebook, your mammoth size chats on WhatsApp. I am tired of fighting, flirting and talking to known and unknown people.

I know your all secrets.

Yup, I know what you do at night cuddling me under your blanket. I know all your mid-night conversation that you hide from others. Yeah, I am zipped up, I won’t let it know. I am always faithful.

You keep me secure more than your Credit card. You get really possessive if anybody touches me. I know, you love me a lot or your secrets that I precisely hold up.

I appreciate that you call me as your best friend, but at least give others a chance as well. It looks rude when in the middle of a conversation with a friend you start talking to me or when you get anxious in a social situation you start playing with me instead of trying to initiate a conversation with someone.

You seem not to care about your work as every time a message pops up, you abandon all your work and starting texting them back. It hurts me when I see your eyes, which have turned red with all the strain.

I feel sad when I see you rubbing your neck and complaining of the pain. I feel helpless when I see you fidget late and night trying to sleep but ultimately waking up to complete another TV series.

As much as I love your company, I am afraid things cannot remain the same. We need to give each other some space. I fear that if we don’t do this, you might find yourself trapped viciously in the fingers of Smartphone addiction.

Small steps like keeping me at a place far away from your reach or by going for a walk without me can also make me better. I need to cool down to restart better. I also need a good sleep like you. I breathe when you keep me down.

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You need to tell yourself that you will spend only a small but fixed amount of your time with me.

In the end, you ought to understand that if taking a break from me means patching things up with yourself, it is not that bad to deal. As much as you need it, I need this break too!

Yours truly,