It sucks when the close family members leave you to die when your friends who assumed to be around forever become a stranger in the blink of an eye when someone says, “I love you” and throws your trust right back in your face. It sucks, despite all your efforts people misunderstood you. It even sucks when you want to kick the memories out of your head, but your brain keeps it hold even tighter. When your biggest dream scattered in front of you.

There was a time in my life when I stand alone on the shore. Nobody was there to support, and then my mind wondered, and I often questioned myself.  But the answers were written nowhere. I juggled things. I discovered that everything is Inside Us. Outside is nothing.

Waking up every day and wondering when will everything become normal was a regular thing for me. Often times, I wasted hours on end, worrying about things over which I had little control.

Reminding myself that this is just a rough phase in my life and that things will get better very soon, was very helpful. I realized that I am not a “Failure” or a “Loser” just because the present situation wasn’t right.

We need to console ourselves every day. This is not being positive neither you are faking yourself, it simply means, you believe that your current life doesn’t define you, things are yet to uphold, you are yet to shine.

Crawling throw the new life, I learned, how we become our worst enemy. We block the road to our success. We expect only good things in life, while consciously binding bad thoughts in mind.

In spite the hard work, if you don’t get the desired result, believe, you are still not ready for the outcome, somewhere, somehow, your mind, your thoughts (that maybe you are not aware of) is stopping, holding you to the great victory.

We want people to be kind to us, where we keep bitching them inside our head, we expect to get our dream job, dream body, while constantly repeating the mantra of impossibility.

Having gone through lots of setbacks, filled me with bitterness. I started neglecting all the little things that made life worth living and started focusing on all the negative aspects of life. Each minor setback saw me wondering- “Why me?”

Everything happens for a reason, there is always disguise dots in life that we can connect only from backward. Click To Tweet

Once I shunned all the negativity and began feeling grateful for the little joys that adorned my life, I became more optimistic and stronger in the face of peril. I practice gratitude.

I always believed everything happens for a reason, there is always disguise dots in life that we can connect only from backward.

Life is not a bed of roses, it is a constant journey with lots of vicissitudes. Those of us who are at the pinnacle of human achievement, have understood this and have never given up. If you too want to reach that epic portion of human greatness– Never give up even when you think that your life sucks.