As his feet were marching forward, stripping land bit by bit, his thoughts started to engulf his mind; deceiving his consciousness. Discerning the view of prison, comparing the scenes that he has seen in movies, he never knew that the life will land him in jail.

Soon, the night approached, the whole day, he spent in wonder, understanding the things around. It was a full moon night, but the moonlight refused to scatter over him, it was unusual and rather mirthless today, the ominous night, he and his family ever perceived.

Cops not only detain the body, they imprison one’s mind that makes one recall his past, present and of course the future where the so-called society awaits him with a label.

He understood that the course was going to be tough.

The day used to be fine. As the dusk began to sprinkle its obscurity over the sky, his mind induced towards nihility. This was the state of almost every prisoner.

At some point, this feeling became part and parcel of his very existence, inseparable, reluctant to leave.

He was awaiting the bail that gone make him free again. He was reflecting about the choices and actions that put him behind the bars. Cogitating on his Karma, he was contemplating a flower that was allowed to break the barricade and cuddle the sun, for which he was prohibited. He cried over his helplessness. He was a religious man, but this time, his mind was seizing to believe in the existence of God.

When we are punished for our innocence, we are forced to question the very existing of this creation.

His friends and family were moving without him. For once he consoled himself, and the other he felt like being in a coffin; irritated, claustrophobic, and lack of emotion.

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Every now and then, when he thought of his family, he found himself in wrenching caliginosity of his heart. He thought, what he has missed in life. For him, it was the time of self-reflection.

And the days grew, these feelings compound and he began to lose a piece of his sanity each hour.

He may come out smiling from the confinement, his physic may seem fine, but the days he has spent lonely among the inmates; the inexplicable feeling of exclusion and shame that his mind has captured very intensely, is not going to leave its place very soon.

He was betrayed, duped. He was punished for another man’s crime. He was worried about his family and how his incarceration was impacting his family.

July passed, the month of August was ready to spread its legs with Monsoon. The pink city that known for its beauty was inundated, this time, nature chose to wear black. Perhaps, the God was angry with this course of action.

Wild sky roared in anger – loud and clear. It threatened to rain.

Like needles, raindrops pierced his skin. It drummed over his head. He was feeling every sensation allowing every droplet to touch his soul.

By then, all other sounds had succumbed. The only sound that prevailed was that of rain. He released his tightened grip, though he was still shivering, this time God has bestowed him with great power, he was availing himself to the sky to embodying its true self.

He had to build his entire life all over again, he had to regain his goals, dreams once he had in life. He had to recreate the thoughts of happiness. He had to win over life.

Crevicing the clouds, the rainbow shone all over the sky. He smiled. Thanked god and moved towards his cell.

“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in that what the storm is all about.”