To the one who says I will never be yours,

You have your own way of crawling under my skin. You set my soul on fire, make me feel like I never felt before, a swirl of emotions that I try to cling to forever, the love that promises not to leave my abode.

I felt the love that each day makes me to be patient that feels calm and rational, it doesn’t make me blind, doesn’t weigh me down with expectations and obsessions towards reciprocation. Your unexpected gesture gives me the desire to lower my guard and let myself go completely without a safety net.

Love never chains you, it sets you free.

I just simply love you and want your happiness to be mine.

You teach me that love shouldn’t be in a rush and it requires time and effort to grow, including your feelings towards me. Even after knowing that you will never be the one to keep my heart safe, the vulnerable me don’t hesitate to reach out to you.

Loving someone doesn’t mean we need to own them. And it is so possible to love someone deeply and do not expect anything in return. Because the purpose of love is to love only, no more or less in between.

I let you choose your own happiness without forcing me on you. Our love is about faith and timing, I believe that the universe will always give me the kind of love that I deserve. With faith, I keep my heart open and let you see the fragility of my heart, the vulnerability of my being even there is no guarantee that you will stay forever. After heartbreak and disappointed by expectations, I embrace patience because I know there is a perfect time when our hearts will incline toward each other. My love is not circumstantial.

This is not a feeling of infatuation, it won’t fade away with time. Even, bit by bit you will witness it go deeper.

It is my choice to stay, to love, even I have all the reasons to forget everything about you.

Your happiness is a part of my happiness and I can go far and beyond to protect it to keep it flourishing. I love you in your joys, I love you even more when you are broken and empty, and when you think you don’t deserve it. I am not ashamed to love your worst, ugliest and the darkest side.

Even at the end of the day, you won’t choose me; the love I felt towards you is real and sincere. It won’t be sad and pathetic. Not many people will love you as passionately as I did; my love towards you is my own accomplishment.

Loving someone with your soul means giving them the right to rip your being but trusting that they won’t. Being loved is not the same as being chosen.

Maybe the kind of love is designed to destroy me, ruin and wreck me, the inevitable led me to change. Still, there is a part of me that cry for the closure but then the joy of being with you clad over a blanket of my love and my subconscious reminded me of being in your arms, I feel your warmth.

I never ask for your love, if you are mine you will find a way towards me. Because when it comes to love I think about you. It’s hard to stay with you, it’s even harder to stay without you.