The nagging memories of my forlong past make me pick my favourite pen. Today, as I scroll down my memory lane, I find myself obliged to my naïve mind that made me transmute substance of my life.

The stupendous grades and prodigious numbers filled in the mark sheet set me apart, it certified me smart and intelligent. I was proud of all.  At least I assumed so. Since childhood, I was a resemble of the perfection.



The tête-à-tête people used to indulge me. Eavesdropping the gossip and sending out the shockwaves of futile rumours aroused me more. In my childhood, I recklessly needed people besides me. Emulate others and follow the vicious circle precariously was so electrifying that cling to my personality for so long.

The imperative part of my life a mark of my adolescence came forth when I tend to be more apperceptive of my appearance, this conditioning enthralled me. I equipped every bit of this alluring and captivating world, bent myself down to inject its exuberant. I served the need of the people, turned indifference towards my own compassion. I became vagrant.

The search for the thirst was insurmountable, it convinced my mind to be negative and threated my spirit to tear apart, it became disastrous.

Love is an emotion that clasps all. Without any ulterior motive, I trapped in surreal and comely feelings of my heart.  Love encompasses purity but once it becomes unrequired it harms our soul beyond repair. My fragile heart infected my subconscious to make me rapacious of love. It was an unstoppable course of the time.

This sensitivity of my fledgling mind and the vicissitudes of life have transcended my spirit and revamped it to summon strength- even when I am alone. It will expound me through the life course

I no longer look at folks to validate my opinion to walk me through. I learned to carry the burden of my own dreams. It made me strong. The trifling self- proclaimed critical remark of people no longer detriment my self-esteem. It transformed my life.

It’s been hard for me to emerge out of my woes and despondency. My story is worth reading. But as I write this piece today, I am proud to say that

“I Am A Warrior.”

I have sailed through all the storm and carve a niche for myself on my own. I subjugated against the catastrophe.

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I want to be the master of my destiny, travel to the unfathomed path, explore the infinite horizons. I want to live my passion.