Knowingly or unknowing, we are filling our kid’s mind with shit. We use some phrases which affect their brain badly.

Children are like a flower, if you nourish them with love, they will blossom, if you pluck them, they will wither. Never use any sentence which may hurt their selfless heart.

Sometimes, we are not aware of what we are teaching and what will be the impact of our statement in child’s mind and growth.

It’s quite tougher to repair a broken person than building strong child. So, think before you speak to a pure, fertile, and fragile brain of kids.

These are the mentally damaging things you should never say your child.

It’s good, but could be better:

“Your work is good, but it could be better.” Even you are right, never speak this phrase for your child. It makes his moral very down.

A child feels inferior and starts comparing himself with others. Sometimes that leaves a bad impact of jealousy.

Don’t get into our conversation you are a kid:

“Don’t interrupt you won’t understand you are a kid.” It feels like child is not that important person in the home.

Yes, there is some conversation which doesn’t belong to his tiny world. But don’t underestimate his confidence. Try to make him understand with love.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”zkHMi” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]Children are like a flower, if you nourish them with love, they will blossom, if you pluck them, they will wither.[/ctt]

You have grown up stop behaving like a kid:

“I was better at understanding and mature when I was at your age” the most common line of almost all the parents.

Teaching responsibilities to child is your responsibility, but never put questions on particular nature of your child. Things take time and evolve gradually.

Our childhood was not as bright as yours:

“You have everything still you are yelling for more we spend our childhood in poverty.” Children have nothing to do with your childhood.

“All we do is for your sake” don’t repeat the sentence to your child and overburden him with the sense of responsibilities. Rather teach him gratitude and politeness.

I wish you could be more like your friend or sister:

See your brother, he scored more than you. Never compare your child to friends, brothers, sisters, and anyone. Be him as he is and appreciates. No one can have all the qualities at the same time. Comparison depletes the self-esteem of a child.

You are too little to do it:

Don’t be over-protective, just support your child. Interjecting your child with these words can demoralize him and ultimately lead to low self-confidence.

Just let him try what he wants to do. Be his side and support him to grow morally.

You know nothing:

You are a looser you are good at nothing. Don’t push your sentences that lead to an inferior feeling.

Never point on the potentials of your child. Don’t demotivate him saying, “are you sure you can do it? Or you can’t do it.”

You are the Cause:

I am sad because of you. I wish I’d never had kids. We are happier when you are not around. Don’t scold with the sentence, “you’ll be sorry when I am dead or gone.”

Your little things even in anger can cost to damage your child’s self-confidence, courage, hope. Your child will start questioning himself and introversion will take place in his heart.

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Big Boys don’t scare:

Irrespective of the age, all kids get scared from few things. Your sentence invalidates your feelings and pushes them towards inner or self-fighting.

It makes your child feel like you are not being heard anymore.

Don’t ask questions, do exactly what I say:

Just try to explain the reason behind everything so that your child comply it with more decency and occupancy. Don’t force him every time to follow your rules.

Try to answer all causeless why of your child. Don’t be over-dominating to transmit the over-disciplinary feeling in your child.

Kids are programmed to love, only love. They better understand the language of love. Understand what your child actually is. Avoid speaking in frustration.