When people talk about “gut feeling”, or say “listen to your heart”, they really mean intuitions that guide throughout the life journey to take some important decisions.

A lot people subtle signs from their body and environment and end up dealing with much larger problems. Our intuitions know when something is off-balance and then some initial warning signs warn us.

Have you seen Final Destination movies, in which one person out of group get intense visions before something bad happens? These movies portray the uncanny role that intuition play in our life.

In every phase of life, never ignore these signs, these may help you to let go distress. Don’t hesitate to tell your friend or someone expert in your knowledge if your inner voice starts to scream to take action.

 I Feel Like Doing This:

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Sometimes, no matter how much your friends, elders, colleagues stops you, your heart or inner vibrations let you move in the chosen field.


This intuition mostly arises when it’s come to taking higher decisions about life. Never boil down how you feel about, we all just want to feel good, so we add or subtract things from our life, and intuitions to make our decisions believable.


Sensing the Danger:

Can we human sense a bad thing or situation that coming to us? Our Intuitions can, when our brain sense anything wrong about a thing, person or place, it immediately generate a feeling of Danger and the fight-or-flight response in us start working as an action to that feeling.

This Comes Naturally:

We all have some natural instinct or talents. In school, college, presentation, meeting, everywhere, we prepare hard for our performance, but sometimes our mind runs on overdrive and put us under pressure that makes us miss every step we suppose to follow.

That’s the time when our natural instincts or our inner vibrations call us for an immediate action.

I  Am Not Feeling Good:

When our body doesn’t feel right, our energy starts to fizzle. We may feel mentally ill or beleaguered.

With the reason being aside, you may trap in a situation where your sense a sudden stroke of uneasiness and despite many tries, you can’t be happy.

I Want to Do, But I Am Unable to DO:

You want to do something, but unstated things may obstruct or hold you back. When you sense of being constricted, demeaned or attacked, your insights desisting you from moving ahead.

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Something Is Wrong:

You sense picky, off-putting vibes. You find something is going against the flow. Notice, how you feel anytime when you interact with a person.

You Are Drawing Towards Someone or Somewhere:

Someone suddenly comes in your life and you unwillingly become spellbound. You find a sudden feeling of drawing or fascinating.

All your attempts to stay away become worthless, when your instincts overpower your rational mind.

Mood Swings:

Do you heard people saying “I changed my mind”? This is because their mind does not coordinate with their heart or opt for change their plans.

Sudden and often mood swings indicate our high gut feelings where our intuitions try to connect with us.