Awesome feeling in greenery, in love with Nature, Heaven on the earth etcetera” a Facebook post caught my attention. My friend was posing in hilly areas, alluring sunlight covering his face and he was showing us a beautiful rose plant. I give it a thumbs up.

But do we ever realized the value of such environment? I talked to myself. What would happen, if we have had to lose it” we don’t find time to bother about nature and its problems. We appreciate its beauty, we love it, but we don’t value it.

We love to be close to the things or people we love. But we forget to take care of them.

From where I got this thought?

Unless something happens in our life, we don’t value it. Unless we feel like losing something or someone, we forget to praise.

Unless something happens in our life, we don’t value it. Unless we feel like losing something or someone, we forget to praise. Click To Tweet

Last year, while I was on a trip to a Hill Station Matheran and Lonavala which is few hours from Mumbai, to live some stress-free moments converse from regular life. My excitement was on the peak I was enjoying every single moment. Dripping water, fresh air, I was feeling tranquil, it was like dream in reality.

We were enjoying and praising it, one of my friends said, “Imagine the world without such pleasurable locations, how it would look like? We all ignored, “stop it, this is not possible, so why to go for such imagination.”

The night, laying in the bed, cherishing every pleasureful moment of the day, I felt my lips shaping in curves. But the next moment Risheb’s (my friend) words entered in my mind, I felt tremendously sad. “What if we actually lose all beauty around us?”


I think this is the power of night that makes us realize many things. When we sit in darkness sipping every drop of silence, we step into reality.

I was tossing in bed. I know someone may find it petty issue, but I think this is the time to listen to our Mother’s (nature) voice. It made me realize its (Nature) value for all the living creatures and I am also one of them.

Even I remember my school teachers used to teach me that if everyone in this world plant just “One Tree” on his birthday every year and takes care of it for the whole of their life, then there wouldn’t be any paucity of trees and plants.

Plant at least One tree on birthday and take care of it, our coming generation will have enough oxygen to breath freely. Click To Tweet

Next morning, I decided to plant more and more trees and take care of them I really want them to be around me.

I have realized this a little late, but I believe “Better late than never”.

Now few must be confused about

How is Nature itself our Wealth?

A layman breathes that amount of oxygen in a day which is sufficient to fill 3 oxygen cylinders. One oxygen cylinder costs RS. 700/- (without subsidy) that equals to daily consumption per person of RS. 2,100/-

In a year it’s worth RS. 7,66,500/-  and for an average lifespan of 65 years, a person consumes oxygen worth more than RS. 25 Crores.

Is it Justifiable?

We get the oxygen free of cost from the trees and still, we cut them. Don’t you think, we should do at least something in return?

I know it’s really hard to make someone feel its worth. Don’t just enjoy, love also. Nurturing the Nature may not be your priority, but it is a necessity.