“My life sucks”

There was once a time when not a day went without uttering these words. It felt completely wrong and unjust to be on the receiving end of all the hardships.

This post might find you in a similar situation. But I learned:

Nothing stays forever, not even your thoughts and feelings. They will come, stay and then they will leave. Just be patient, and remember, this will also pass. Things get worse before they get better. After a stormy night, the sun shines more brightly.

Set things in perspective:

Thinking that I am the only one who is suffering made me feel hopeless and often lonely. This thought process amplified each problem that I encountered and also fed my negative self-concept. While I was lamenting over the loss of a 100 rupees, there might be some entrepreneur who might have gone bankrupt. I understood how small my problems are when compared to others. This filled me with a new strength and a sturdier determination.

Be thankful for what you have:

You may not have realized it yet, but you have plenty of things or reason to be happy or thankful. You may have many things that people carve for. When I was fighting everyday battle, I usually remember myself how amazing life is. When you shift your focus to beautiful things, you manifest power to happen those repeat in your life.

Things get worse before they get better. After a stormy night, the sun shines more brightly. Click To Tweet

Quit blaming:

“All of this happened because of you,” I said accusingly. “How could you blame me when you never worked hard enough? You are a lazy and negligent person and this was your fate,” He retorted.

This is exactly what happens when you blame someone. In order to protect themselves, they end up accusing you of more severe crimes and start highlighting all your negative qualities. Such incidences made me feel guilty and more often than not, I would find myself sitting back in my chair contemplating over the accusations. Somehow, I ended up feeling that the other person was right and consider myself to be unworthy and incapable. If you don’t want things to turn up this way, stop blaming others and start thinking of ways to make things better.

Speak it up:

Luckily, when things started going out of control and feelings of hopelessness seemed to cover me up like a shroud, I had a friend to whom I could talk to. Not only did he encourage me and assured that things would work out for the best, he also reminded me of my past accomplishments to bring back my lost self-confidence. Talking to friends or family members always help in clearing away the clouds of misfortune which seem to bring rains of unhappiness.

It was meant to be:

That is the mantra I repeated after realizing that there is no point brooding about the things that have happened to me in the past. I believed that there were some unfortunate things that were bound to happen and there’s no point in cursing myself for them.

Refocus and readjust:

Finally, shifting my attention to other spheres of life and getting busy in improving my own self-helped me. Doing this, I wasted less time complaining and utilized most of that time in bettering myself and moving on.