We have a tendency to complicate our life, it keeps us suck. Consequently, our overwhelmed mind can’t see things clearly.

It is strange that in today’s era of near global harmony and dependence, the most unstable entity is not exterior to our bodies; it is on the interior – our mind. It is only human to be affected by the imbalance in our lives. But it is also necessary to maintain an equilibrium between our head, heart, and soul.

Define your perception:

Inside every human are two identities – good and evil. The inner inclination is what decides our personalities.

For every situation in life, we can have two different approaches, positive and negative. The decision might seem easy but the execution isn’t as simple. We must be able to control our mind and thoughts in order to try and make ourselves inert against the negativities.

If you choose to grow and evolve with life, the shift is needed from body consciousness to mind consciousness. Your body reflects your personal identity, but your own self mirror is mind. You relate yourself to the things of the mind, and so is formed in the shape of your body and environment.


Stay aware:

You try to fix the things in the external world, but the actual problem is inside; in your own brain.

We are aware what is happening around us, but we rarely focus on our emotional quotient. And soon, we start to become a reflection of our periphery.

Anything that you experience in life, you see it within your awareness field. Awareness teaches you to live in present moment. It allows you to extract more juices from life.

When awareness is shifted to the past, it becomes a major obstruction, unless you clear it, your awareness will be ambiguous.

Silent your mind:

All our thoughts, imagination, feelings, emotions are begotten by the mind and expressed through the body.  A silent mind is affluent.

Try to distance yourself from your thoughts. Sit in a comfortable posture, cut off all the distractions, let your mind be awake, observant and calm. Your stressed mind will jump from one object to other. Each time bring it back. Be the one who is reading it right now.

Balancing your mind is a skill that comes with practice.

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Listen to your body:

Both your body and mind signal you, send messages, and gut feelings all the times. You don’t need to reason them, intellectualize them, you need to simply act on them.

Our body has a way to tell us when we are under pressure. You may suddenly fall ill, become irritated, mood swings, shift in menstrual cycle, feeling uneasy, the symptoms may vary from one person to other. Stay aware, calm down your mind, and listen to the sounds of your body.

When your body says No, anyhow, just don’t do this.

Choose your battles:

It is sometimes wise to lose in a chapter of life than to sustain the wounds of experience. Choose what defines your life.

Accept your reality and try to opt for peace of mind. Be content with what you have and let there be an equilibrium between your mind, heart, and action.

Your worst enemy can’t harm you as much as your own thoughts if unguarded. You must understand that nothing in life is so powerful that it can overpower your will or your spirit.

You will always be getting praise and blame in life but do not let either affect the poise of your mind.

Extra Reading

Give time to yourself for the healing process if something unfortunate happens to you, but don’t stagnate eternally.