Introverts are considered awkward, but there is always a second side which we refuse to see. Try to understand introverts, they have different living on the same planet.


             Don’t’ Misunderstand Me, I Only Lack Expression


I always find myself very hard to express. I feel a lot, but I can’t express me a bit. I have opinions about everything in this world, but when it’s come to expression. I don’t know why I always opt to stay quiet.


I know I have many people with whom I can share everything, but I choose to listen only. I don’t find myself comfortable – whether I am happy or sad, excited or enraged. I like to be private I like to be unknown.


I am not shy. Nor I am afraid, actually, I am afraid of judgmental. I am afraid what people will think of me. I am afraid to be misunderstood. I am afraid they (people) will make fun of me. I am afraid of being myself. I am a kind of girl who claims I am fine though I am dying inside.

I know I am very good human. I have lots of potentials. I know I am sensitive, but people don’t know that side of mine. They only see my smile, funny, and always happy face. Yes, I hide, I choose to hide my feelings. But this is me. This is my nature. I swear I don’t pretend. I am just being myself.


                        [bctt tweet=” People are strange when you are a stranger, but they are even weirder once we get to know them. ” username=”zistboon”]


I don’t express, it does not mean I don’t care, or I don’t feel. I hate small talks. My face, expression, and body language don’t show my feelings. Why don’t people understand that remain silent does not mean remain suffered or careless. I don’t like to be with the crowd. It sucks!

I may occasionally tell you what’s wrong after the tenth time you ask. I am not making you wait. Nor I am trying to torture you. Each time I lied and told you I am fine. I guilty. It’s hard for me.


Sometimes, on some issues, I want people – especially whom I love to understand me, care me, and love me without uttering a word.
I take some time to trust people. I don’t doubt them, but either I don’t trust them completely. It happens automatically.

After realizing how trustworthy the guy is, I don’t mind to cry in front of him. I want you to know what’s bothering me. Sometimes, I frustrate when I have so many thoughts that I can’t seem to express the right word. When my heart is begging me to have a deep conversation with you, but my brain has a meltdown.

Honestly, I hate I have emotions, I am a thinker, I hate that I feel so hard, but fumble upon how to explain those feelings. It sucks at expressing my feelings.