One or another, many people have different hidden healing abilities that they are not aware of. These non-recognised healing abilities generate some unknown vibes that heal you and also people around you.

The major elements of a healer boil down to high sensitivity on multiple wave lengths. No blanket technique has explained so far to develop these abilities.

We all born with certain healing abilities, find your hidden healing abilities that keep you safeguard from outer situation and strength you inside.

The Family history of healers:

It is said that professional abilities are non-transferable, but in the spirituality, there is some meaning of every history. If your father, forefathers or ancestors were doctors, medical workers, therapists or humanitarian protestors, you may have some healing abilities.

Interest in spiritual science:

If you are interested in any spiritual stuff, stay relax. You are good enough to heal yourself. Reiki, energy healing, shamanism, etc. are full of strong hidden healing abilities. If you take the deep knowledge of your interested fields of spiritual sciences, you can heal the pain of self as well as others.

Highly empathetic:

You are such an empathetic person that you forgot your own issues while working on others’ problem. You constantly think to improve people’s lives and work towards positive social change.

Sharing others pain:

You are good to talk, you are good to share problems. Being helping in nature, people around you share their problems. Your touch is smooth, and you are good at massaging without knowing the techniques. It makes other people relaxing.

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Sensitivity and mood disorder:

You carry neck and shoulder pain frequently because spiritually, you hold your stress here. You find yourself stuck in mood disorder that sometimes relieves in being outside. Being highly sensitive, you are aware of some foods and drinks that cause you digestive issues. You may also face a headache frequently.

Strong intuitions and dreams:

You feel sudden vibrations and intuitions while working on the problems that prompt you to work for the right only. You have strong and similar dreams to take charge in your hands and heal the world.